Design is not just about ‘making things pretty’. It’s about transforming chaos into order, building a connection and creating value. Websites, apps, presentations, video, … it’s all part of the digital brand experience. As a Digital Experience Designer it’s my task to create a good connection between the digital and real life experience people have, and make sure that one enhances the other. I am very passionate about that, because I truly believe that that is what people want and are looking for, a good experience. They want to feel happy, helped, relieved or excited after their first contact with your brand, whether that’s on- or offline. It’s what differentiates you from the others. It’s what makes people love your brand, makes them share their experience with others and makes them come back. It’s what makes your clients brand ambassadors.

Experience Design is an often underrated component of a successful story. Nevertheless, digital experience design is always a means to an end. It is never the goal itself.