Design is not just about ‘making things pretty’. It’s about transforming chaos into order, building a connection and creating value. Websites, apps, presentations, video, … it’s all part of the digital brand experience. As a Digital Experience Designer it’s my task to create a good connection between the digital and real life experience people have, and make sure that one enhances the other. I am very passionate about that, because I truly believe that that is what people want and are looking for, a good experience. They want to feel happy, helped, relieved or excited after their first contact with your brand, whether that’s on- or offline. It’s what differentiates you from the others. It’s what makes people love your brand, makes them share their experience with others and makes them come back. It’s what makes your clients brand ambassadors.

Experience Design is an often underrated component of a successful story. Nevertheless, digital experience design is always a means to an end. It is never the goal itself.


Reward - Research, online strategy, content creation, architecture, wireframing, UX/UI, creative design

Reward hired me as a UX Designer for one of their many cashback platforms, but because I had experience in the past with online strategy and website development, they asked me to also look into their own online communication and propose them something. They thought it would be a small project. Draw some wireframes, add a personal style to it and ‘done’. But very quickly the project seemed to be much more. The moment I started asking them what they exactly wanted to tell to their audience, or what it exactly was that Reward stood for, they became silent. They didn’t know.

So I started doing research on how the competition was presenting themselves and their product, dove into the analytics of the old website and did internal interviews with all departments (marketing, sales, data and insight, hr, clients services, development, management) to hear from them what they did, who our clients were and how they saw Reward as a company.

Combining all this information I created a strategy for them. The channels they should communicate through, what to communicate on them and how to connect them with each other to make it all part of one experience.

And from that starting point, that ‘bigger picture’, I created a sitemap, wireframes, content and eventually a creative design.

For the whole project explanation and more visuals take a look at the project presentation (PDF)


VERPIGO - UX/UI design and development

A software developer from Belgium came to me with a new product she wanted to launch. ERP software for start-ups. She never had to promote herself or a product, because she always had her returning clients. So she’s quite new in online communication and asked me to help her get started with the content, the design of a product website and a strategy to communicate this to possible clients. Literally the only thing she has was a logo and a name.

So I started by doing research online to get a better idea of the market and product. And get inspiration from other products that are not in the same branch. After that I interviewed her about her product, about her, the history of the product and the type of companies she would be targeting. With that my understanding but also her own understanding of what she wanted grew. From there on we created a strategy, a website structure, content, wireframes and finally a design. We are still in the proces of finetuning the content. But that is always an ongoing project.


Renotec Group - UX/UI design and development

This is the last project I was working on when I left Antenno (and Antwerp). I made a website for one of the other companies in their group (Patrimoon). They were pleased with my work and asked us to do a second project. Redesign the website of the group.

In our first meeting about this website it was immediately clear that this was going to be more than just ‘making it look better’. The structure of the old website was a mess and the overal experience of their company story just wasn’t there. So we started with getting the story right. After that we split that up in independent pieces that could form pages on the website and created a sitemap and wireframes that fitted well with the user story and journey. We went through these wireframes with our client and made changes on the spot until they were right. After that I made a design for the homepage based on the wireframe we made.

This project was still in progress the moment I handed it over to my colleague, so this is how far I got.


Common Ground - UX/UI design and development

To celebrate their 5th anniversary, Common Ground wanted to enhance their corporate identity. This meant an update of the existing logo, a new tagline and with that, a new story. To communicate this new story online I was asked to take the lead in developing the new website. My role was to create a new website architecture, define features and the content needed, create wireframes, create visual designs and make an HTML/CSS template. After that I briefed it to the development team and kept on following the progress to make sure nothing got lost or neglected along the way.


Navitec - Online communication strategy, design and development

After their corporate identity being redesigned they felt like their online story also needed some work. And I couldn’t have agreed more. The design of the website was outdated and the content wasn’t updated for years. They were also not in any way active on social media. So full of energy and ideas already bubbling in my head, I went through the statistics and content of their website, did research on what other sector related companies were doing online and presented them the results and my proposal. We agreed on the steps and actions we wanted to take and I started working. Website architecture, wireframes, content creation, design, development and social media. The first month after the launch I still helped them in their first steps on social media and keeping the website up to date. After that I was still a point of contact for whenever they needed support.

It was a real pleasure to work on this project with a client that was clearly very eager to adept to the changes in the world of online communication.


Patrimoon - Digital design, development and photography coördination

HBS&C was a company that did beautiful work, but had no way of showing it to the world. In one of the first meetings with them a new name emerged. Patrimoon. And with that an idea of how to show the world what they did. Everything they do is based on experts using their hands to reveil the history and true nature of long forgotten historic sculptures and buildings. Thats why we chose to work with a specific type of photography. Close-ups of those hands in action. Photography played an important part in their communication. Therefore I was part of organising the shoots, making sure that we had the right pictures to communicate the right story. Besides that my main responsibility was the new website. Drawing the wireframes, making sure we had all the right content, creating the designs and developing a new WordPress based website which was easy for them to keep updated.

Since I love photography, art and architecture, this was a very rewarding project for me to work on.


Leanderhof - One-page design and development

Communicating about building residential flats and houses on a site that used to be an industrial area is more complicated that it sounds. There are several parties involved, all with different needs and backgrounds. And the same goes for the audience. A variety of questions that need a way to be answered. That’s why we created this interactive one page as a starting point for anybody that had questions, wanted to be involved or just be kept up to date. I was involved in the strategy around this project but mainly did the design and development for the one-page.